How to set up a new Antminer S19/S19Pro

First, inspect the new miner

1. Visually inspect the box when your miner package arrives. Look for signs of damage. If a package is damaged, take photos of the package’s conditions before proceeding to open the package and inspect the miner. If the miner is damaged as well, contact customer support immediately.

2. Inspect the miner for aesthetic damage. Look at the corners of the miner and check for dents and cracks. Look out for broken fan blades, cables, and bent connectors. If you noticed damage or defect, contact customer support immediately.

3. Assess the miner’s heat sinks. View from the miner’s front and rear fan to check whether there are loose heat sinks. If you found loose heat sinks, contact customer support immediately.

4. Examine the miner’s cables and connectors. Make sure they are not loose or broken.

Know the precautions for use

1) PoE is not supported.

2) Only Ethernet network connection is supported via a router or switch.

3) Use the miner in an environment between 5 to 35 degrees Celsius.

4) Keep the miner’s surrounding humidity below 65%

5) Keep the miner free of dust and catkins to prevent corrosion and/or heat accumulation.

6) Supported browsers: Google Chrome and Firefox.

7) Power connector and PSU cord must be plugged tightly.

1.S19/S19 Pro server overview
Front & Back view


  1. Please refer to the layout above to place your goods in usage in case of any damage.
  2. The equipment must be connected to an earthed mains socket-outlet. The socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible.
  3. The equipment has two power inputs, only by connecting those two power supply sockets simultaneously can the equipment run. When the equipment is powered off, be sure to power off all power inputs.
  4. DO NOT remove any screws and cables tied on the product.          
  5. DO NOT PRESS the metal button on the cover.
1.1 S19/19 Pro Server Components

The main components and controller front panel of S19/S19 Pro servers are shown in the following figure:

1.2 APW12 Power supply:


  1. Power supply APW12 is part of S19/S19 Pro server. For detailed parameters, please refer to the specifications below.

2. Additional two power cords are needed.