HashClimber History

HashClimber team started to explore crypto mining in the year of 2016. We studied blockchain technology and decided to dig in more.

As one of biggest buyers of crypto miners, HashClimber host over 10,000pcs bitcoin Asic and GPU hardwares in China, scattered in Sichuan, Yunnan province during the year of 2016 to 2017. We expanded the hosting to some other countries like Russia, Sweden, North America and Siberia in the year of 2018. So far we’ve hosted our hardwares in 10 countries for decentralization for both hashrates and risks.

What’s HashClimber Doing?

With years of experience of crypto mining, we’d like to help more people to start crypto mining by their own. Crypto fans may be confused about how to find a reliable hardware supplier, how to build a well-managed data center, how to repair the machines without a repair center nearby. HashClimber is trying to solve above issues for our customers.

  • A crypto mining hardware supplier
  • A tech support
  • A community for crypto fans

What Will HashClimber Do?

We will keep studying blockchain technology and looking for more chances happening in this industry. We hope more products can be provided to our customers and investor.

Always be a reliable supplier and provide best service in crypto mining industry. To make crypto mining a transparent business is one of our targets.

We would like to add more targets here in future. Follow us to stay tuned.