After-sale Service

New Machines

1. How long warranty will the brand new machines have?

The brand new machines have the original warranty offered by the factories. The warranty durations would vary because of different batches from factories. Buyers can check the warranty status on official websites or just check with our support about the exact warranty duration.

Antminer Warranty Check

WhatsMiner Warranty Check

2. What if the machines fail to work during the warranty?

The buyers can contact the factories for the after-sale services during the warranty period. Below are the official support websites of the factories:

Used Machines

1. How long warranty will the used machines have?

All second-hand machines have 24 hours after-sale service after buyers receive the machines in China. Any issues happening or found after 24 hours, buyers need to bear the cost. Refunds or compensations are not accepted after 24 hours of receipt in China.

2. What do you need to request before used machines shipping?

If you are buying used machines, please request a testing hashrate report video if our support didn’t provide it to you timely. For all used machines, we are supposed to test them before shipping and provide the testing video to the buyers. Full payment needs to be completed before the testing. Only well-running machines will be shipped to the buyers.

3. How soon will the used machines be shipped?

The used machines need to be tested and packaged according to their real situations before shipping. It usually takes 3 days to complete the testing and packaging. So used machines are supposed to be shipped after at least 72 hours. For exceptional cases, the support will let you know.

4. What if the used machines refuse to work even if they were tested before shipping?

In such a case, we believe it’s the shipping damage occurring, we are not supposed to make the compensation for the shipping damage. However, considering the high value of the machines, please contact our support by providing the damage proof and SN numbers, and we are willing to find a better solution for both of us.


The prices on the website do not include shipping costs or taxes. Because the machines are usually located in different places, so the shipping costs vary from the case. Please check with the support about the exact shipping departure city. The buyers are supposed to prepay the shipping cost.

For the buyers who don’t have their own forwarder in China, we also provide shipping forwarder service. Please contact the support to get the shipping address to our forwarder.


Currently, we only accept crypto payments. Payal or wire transfer is not acceptable.

Refund Terms

The refund request will not be acceptable for confirmed orders. The refund will be operated if the ordered machines are out of stock.